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Special Programs


Student Services Department

The GESM SSD supports an inclusive framework that organizes the developing and expanding needs of GESM in Guidance, Special Needs and Learning Support. Overall goals are to:

  • Address Academic needs that need additional support
  • Address non-academic needs through one venue (Coordinating support)
  • Controlling evaluative process
  • Efficiency and designation of resources
  • Teacher support
  • Integration/Cross-connections to other subjects
  • Support school community, student achievement and motivation

Guidance and Community

Coordinator: Martha Goebel

German Univeristy Coordinator: Christoph Grandt

The Guidance Counselor at GESM strives to assist students in achieving success in all aspects of their lives through individual, group and family counseling. Counselors are also able to make referrals to external agencies for substance abuse prevention and intervention and for therapy and personal counseling.

University and Career Preparation

The overall goal is to create enthusiasm through knowledge of their own personhood, capabilities and skills; to fine-tune this knowledge into practical application through the OJT experience, and on into university or career choice and application.

  • 9th Grade: Enthusiasm and Exploration
    • Career and Personal Foundation Workshop (Assessments and Evaluations)
    • OJT (2 weeks) 80 hours of site experience
    • Resume/Lebenslauf writing skills in English/German Class
    • Oral Presentation Skills
  • 10th Grade: Fine-Tune the Future
    • IB Course, Subject and Level selection (what subject; where; what level they need to get into it/HLSl)
    • GSCE Exams and German Abschluss
    • Fine-tune Future Plans
    • Parents Interview
    • G-Talks
    • If Student is US University bound then they must state this at beginning of year, so that arrangement for PSAT and SAT may be made.
    • University Orientation Workshop
    • University Fairs
  • 10th Grade
    • Parents Questionnaire re Family and Child's University
    • G-Talks
    • University Workshop
    • University/ College Fairs
    • Decision regarding German or UK or US or 'other' University choice.
  • 11th and 12th Grade
    • List of Universities/Colleges
    • Familiarize with Common AP (USA) and UCAS (UK)
    • Personal Essay Writing Workshops
    • University Survival Skills Workshops
    • Work along side IBDP Head and German University Consultant
    • Parents Questionnaire re Family and Child's University
    • G-Talks
    • University Workshop
    • University/ College Fairs

Student Leadership and School Community

School Concerns:

Class Representatives : each class chooses one person to present the concerns of the class to the School Representatives

School Representatives: the class representatives choose two of their co-representatives to present their concerns to the School Administration

Community Concerns:

Houses: Responsible for GESM school community dynamics and inter-section cooperation (German and International) as well as implementation of school behavioral expectations.

House Captains are appointed by student body and approved by Heads and other Teachers.

House Leaders are volunteers from the Teachers.

InterSchool Concerns:

EIS Student Council: elected by the GESM and LFM student body and are responsible for EIS activities.

Additional Needs Program (ANP)

Coordinator: Dave Santos

A. ANP Mission Statement

All children have the right to progress intellectually, emotionally, and socially while maintaining a sense of dignity and developing a positive self-concept. German European School Manila (GESM) recognizes that its students have varied backgrounds, interests, and individual learning differences. To that end, the Additional Needs Program (ANP) is designed to increase the academic and emotional success of all GESM students identified with special needs. Additionally, the Additional Needs Program team members collaborate with each other, with classroom teachers, and with parents to design Education Plans that support the curriculum and provide appropriate goals for students having specific learning difficulties.

B. ANP Admissions Statement

Students are accepted into German European School Manila (GESM) if their Additional Needs (AN) can be supported within the current program. GESM currently is able to accommodate students with:

  • Mild to moderate intellectual or cognitive impairment
  • Behavioral disorders and emotional difficulties
  • Specific Learning Disability
  • Executive Functioning Deficits

For Students whose AN are not listed above, GESM considers each applicant on an individual basis. The decision to admit an applicant with AN is made by the Headmaster and the Additional Needs Program (ANP) Team. This will be considered as a conditional acceptance and will be evaluated at the end of each academic school term. This will give the ANP Team and the administration ample time to review the status and lift the conditional acceptance to regular status.

Parents of students with AN must submit an application form, the ANP Questionnaire and all relevant documents or reports that clarify their child’s AN. Learning Support Plans (such as IEPs) from the previous school must also be included. GESM may request for further assessment information, may interview the parents and/or student, and may contact the previous school. The school uses all this information to decide whether the needs of the child can be accommodated within the current program. Acceptance into the school and the ANP is the school’s prerogative.

Currently, there are 3 types of support offered at GESM. These different levels of support have an additional monthly fee.

  • Additional Needs Support Level 1 is for students who are able to follow the regular curriculum with adaptation and accommodations.
  • Additional Needs Support Level 2 is for students who require some accommodations to the content in order to be able to access the curriculum.
  • Additional Needs Support Level 3 is for students who require significant accommodations and/or modifications to the content of the curriculum. Level 3 students may also require an outsourced parent-paid Shadow Teacher.

A Learning Support Plan (such as Accommodation Plan, Student Profile, Remediation schedule and classes etc.) is developed for each student with AN who is accepted into the school. The Learning Support Plan is implemented within the regular class to the greatest extent possible. GESM’s AN Teachers can accommodate hours of support with each student for each week. Should the child need more than the school’s allotted contact hours, an outsourced AN Teacher is needed to allow the student to access the curriculum. This service is an additional expense to the parents. The outsourced AN Teacher is interviewed and hired by GESM and the parents. A Contract of Agreement for the ANP is also made with the parents to set expectations, to understand and to explain how we cater to their child.

C. Program Composition/Key Members:

  • School Headmaster
  • Section Heads (German and International Section)
  • ANP Coordinator
  • Guidance Counselor
  • AN Teachers (German and International Section)
  • Learning Support Specialist (Parent-Paid AN Teacher)

As GESM works toward an Inclusive Education Model, our Special Needs Support is available for students at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels. Needs are met wherever possible within the classroom, but extra, short-term support and/or withdrawal may also be used to meet a childÕs needs. Student Support staff also liaise with specialists within the community as appropriate. If over a period of time, needs emerge which are beyond the resources that the school can provide, a more appropriate educational setting will be recommended.

Special Educational Needs Policy

Reflecting on the mission and vision of the German European School Manila it is our determination to provide an environment and an experience in which learning and the growth of expertise can take place, within a supportive, stimulating, happy and co-operative community.

Respecting each child's unique personality, experiences, interests, strengths and areas of development, we aim to maximize the development of our children and to work towards realizing their individual potential. To this end, teachers will monitor children's progress and provide appropriate experiences and tasks to stimulate, challenge and reinforce learning. In doing so, teachers will identify both, children of exceptional ability and children who display significantly greater difficulties in learning than their peers.

Learning Support

The Learning Support schedules, coordinates and connects teacher resources (manpower) and the students. The LSC supports programs for students in their educational goals, focusing on ensuring a child is placed on the register.

  • Evaluation of need for learning support
  • Preassement into level of need from 1 (low,i.e. Supervised Homework Group) to 4
  • Collection of availability and qualifications for learning support inside the faculty
  • relaunch of referral system and introduction of a transparent quality process (individual support plan)




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