Introduction to the GEB (Parent's association) and its members

Origin and
Purpose of
the GEB:
The origin of the GEB goes back to the German Schulgesetze - the school laws of the German states- and basically defines the GEB as a parent association with the purpose to allow a better cooperation between parents and the school management and enable parents to participate in all relevant decisions of the school.  In case of the GESM, some of these relevant decisions will be taken once year in the general assembly of the German school association which usually takes place in October every year. During the rest of the year, it is really the GEB who is most active in representing interests of parents and it provides a very active platform for all sorts of improvement ideas and suggestions with the aim to make our school continuously better and more attractive for everyone.
GEB Members

42  (1-2 from each class German   and International section)


Dr. Nikolaus von Seemann


Crystal Watkins

Treasurer: Kristine Almeida
Secretary: Lila Rosenberger
Please contact us with any idea you have how to make our school better and more pleasant but also any overall concerns you might have which should be addressed. If your issues falls into the area of one of our committees, please contact them directly. (see GEB Committees)
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