Music Classes

As in the previous years, GESM will be offering individual music lessons, starting in September. The concept of the lessons is patterned after that of other international schools which have successfully implemented a similar scheme.

In general, the individual music lessons take place parallel to regular lessons. That means the children will have to catch up on their own with what they miss during that one period per week, including homework given during that lesson. The scheduling of the individual lessons can be changed every three weeks in order not to affect a specific subject. Some of the individual music lessons will be scheduled in the afternoon but due to the large number of interested students, the lessons cannot possibly be accommodated in the afternoon.

We will be offering lessons for the following instruments:

PianoGuitar Voice Recorder Violin Drums

The rates for the individual lessons (per student) are:

  • Php 650 individual lesson (1 student / 45 minutes) [students of grade 5-10]
  • Php 350 shared lesson (2 students / 45 minutes)
  • Php 400 individual lesson (1 student / 30 minutes) [students of grade 1-4 only]

Students sign up and pay until the end of every half term, after that the contract can be renewed or terminated by the parents. Should lessons be cancelled on part of the school (national holidays etc.), all lessons will be cancelled.

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