Field Trips

GESM promotes the principle that learning at school is greatly enriched by shared experiences outside of school.

Joint class events taking place outside of school, including excursions, fieldtrips, one day or several days hiking or study trips are therefore school events and thus an important and indispensable part of teaching and school life. 

These events are important elements of the educational mission of the school. As part of the pedagogical concept, they promote shared new experiences, and they help to deepen mutual understanding and promote a sense of community. The conception and design of fieldtrips and excursions arises in the classroom and leads back to the lessons.

The nature and extent of the events must be derived from the educational mission of the school and they must be designed according to age and with a justifiable financial outlay. At least one of the following basic issues should be considered at the planning stage:


• Responsibility (Does the excursion serve the purpose to strengthen social or environmental awareness?)

• Teaching-relatedness (Can subject-related project tasks be combined with the excursion?)

• Cultural reference to the host country


There are fieldtrips for all students in all grades and in the German as well as in the international section. All excursions take place in the same week. It will be scheduled in the holiday planning calendar.