Admission to the IB

Candidates applying from the Philippine School system 

GESM considers applications from all high school graduates in the Philippines who show evidence of above average academic ability. Criteria for admission into the International Baccalaureate programme include:

  • Complete high school academic transcripts (Grades 9 and 10)

  • Recommendation from previous school (Principal, counsellor).


Admission requirements include:

  • Tuition fees down payment.

  • Accomplished application form.

  • A successful interview with the Head of IBDP and the Head of the German School.

  • Recommendation letter.

  • Transcript of High School grades.


Application should be processed not later than June 1st for entrance late August.


Candidates from the German system 

Graduation from the German system with all passing grades in the subjects selected for the IB Diploma.


Candidates from the French system 

A course of “seconde“ in the French system with all passing grades in the subjects selected for the IB Diploma.


Candidates coming from an International school or from US, UK etc.

A course of grade 10 in a high school or IGCSE/GCSE English certification with the following:

  • Satisfactory grade (9 - 4) in at least six subjects including mathematics and English.

  • No grade lower than a 4 for any course selected in the IBDP

  • Letter of recommendation from the grade 10 teacher stating the student is suitable for the IBDP


Predicted grades will be used for conditional acceptance until the scores are released in August.

*For students coming from other systems the records should show equivalence of academic achievement with one of the above.

*All candidates must have a very good command of the English language.


The GESM Head of School takes the final decision for admission after consultation with the Head of the IBDP.



This link provides you the specific course selection prerequisites for the IBDP at GESM