IB Diploma Programme at GESM

Our IB Diploma Programme is primarily geared towards those students of our secondary school who are planning to attend universities in Europe, Australia, the USA or Canada.

Most of our IB students joining from outside are either Europeans coming to live in Manila or children of Filipino business people or diplomats. Generally, the IB diploma programme is a fantastic opportunity for students intending to go to a university abroad.

International universities normally require 12 years of previous schooling and entry qualifications beyond a Filipino High School Diploma. This is where the IB Diploma comes in: It was created 40 years ago for the specific needs of international schools, whose students demand freedom of choice of universities worldwide.

Today it is highly regarded in most countries: IB Diploma students are often allowed to enter US universities at Sophomore level, in Britain IB Diploma graduates take preference over students with British A-levels. A good IB diploma is an excellent starting position in the run for international scholarships.

The subjects of our diploma programme are taught by highly qualified teachers. Our teaching staff are fully qualified graduates of internationally recognised institutions from Europe and around the world. Each of them holds at least an M.A. or equivalent in their respective subjects. The school supports teachers with their ongoing professional development by providing opportunities to attend IBDP workshops in their specialist teaching areas.

In May 2018, 18 of our students successfully obtained the Diploma. We would like to congratulate both David Martin del los Reyes and James Ketcher on their outstanding efforts in achieving the top scores for their cohort.  In addition to this, we are proud of the work done by our teaching staff and our students.  This can be seen below in the list of subjects where our students obtained scores at or above world average.  


  • German A: Language and Literature HL/SL

  • English A: Language and Literature SL

  • English B HL

  • German B HL

  • French B SL

  • Spanish B HL

  • French ab initio SL

  • Spanish ab initio SL

  • Economics SL

  • Geschichte HL/SL

  • History SL

  • Psychology SL

  • Environmental Systems and Societies SL

  • Biologie HL

  • Biology HL

  • Chemistry SL

  • Physics HL/SL

  • Visual Arts HL/SL

Our graduates are now continuing their studies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America, Japan and Taiwan.  Congratulations to our class of 2018. Well done!

On top of the opportunities provided by the IB Diploma our school offers

help with

  • Obtaining German scholarships to German universities

  • Opening the door to European companies

  • Obtaining student visas to the EU

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