Electives (Kulturband)

Elective subjects (or what we like to call Kulturband in German) can be chosen by students in addition to the traditional subjects. Our teachers and occasionally specialists from outside offer special courses on arts, sports, music, theatre, technology, languages, and more.

Two parallel periods from Grades 6 to 9 (International and German sections) are blocked in order to enable students to choose electives freely within these periods. The electives currently take place on Monday afternoons from 1:45 - 3:20 pm.

At the beginning of the school year, students choose one of the courses according to their liking. It is possible to change the course at half-term.

A wide array of electives is offered every year. Aside from sports activities like swimming, basketball and football, subjects like clay works, rock band, visual arts, robotics, Spanish and supplementary German have also been offered. 

For the current offerings, please get in touch with our Admission Team via email: admission@gesm.org