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Natural Sciences

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Our modern world is inconceivable without natural sciences. We owe the natural sciences what we call and appreciate progress.

Unfortunately, this progress is not only beneficial, but there are also new problems arising such as climate change or pollution, which is very clearly visible especially here in Manila. Probably only the natural sciences themselves can deliver satisfactory solutions for these problems.

For the challenges of the present and the future we need many people who devote themselves enthusiastically, but also critically, to natural sciences in their professional life. The remainder must have at least sufficient scientific expertise to be able to competently position themselves in relevant political decisions. 


At the GESM students acquire profound scientific competencies and learn responsible scientific reasoning.

This already begins in kindergarten with the playful experiencing of nature and its conditions and resumes in an increasingly in-depth and scientific way on all subsequent school years up to the IB/GIB.


The GESM is equipped with two scientific facilities for biology, chemistry and physics, which in the context of a restructuring respectively a constructional extension one year ago could be re-furnished completely with considerable financial means and with the support of a teaching material company from Germany.

These rooms offer generous, modern equipment for which many schools within Germany envy us for and is second to none in the metropolitan area of Manila.


Guarantor for an optimal scientific education at GESM is the teaching staff which, in an international comparison, completes a very long, time-consuming and intensive pedagogic, but above all technical, education.


Our internally differentiated, student-centered teaching enables a contemporary competence-oriented scientific way of learning, in which theory phases with teacher-controlled demonstrations alternate with numerous student experiments.


Measuring tape with stopwatch and subsequent calculation in the notebook versus acceleration sensors with interface and computer-aided evaluation:

We ensure a balance between "basic experiments" on one hand with their simple and transparent structure which are still essential for the basic understanding but do not deliver precise measurement values which meet modern demands, and more complex experiments on the other hand, for which electronic measuring systems can be used which are also used everyday in the professional industry.

The necessary extensive experimental equipment is expanded annually with great financial effort and adapted to the growing number of students.

Students determining the period of oscillation of a spring pendulum

Teacher: Mr Schweitzer (head of section for natural sciences)

Especially when experimenting we should comply with the rule: "Safety first!"

That is why, as in all schools within Germany, at the GESM the current "Guideline for safety in the classroom" applies (Resolution of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs dated 09.09.1994 in the version of 26.02.2016).

This collection of specifications and concrete guidance on occupational health and safety requirements tailored to schools is based on superordinate EU provisions and subsequent national German regulations.

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