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100 Days of School

by Nicole Javier & Katrina Uytengsu | 12 February 2021

Happy 100 Days of school! The Sea Turtles celebrated their 100th Day of School today!

We started off our celebration by dancing to the 100 Grand Days of School. That was so much fun! Then we reflected on the 100 days that has passed and each one of us talked about the challenges we faced, what we enjoyed the most, the things that we have learned and the things that we still want to know about. We also played the “Mystery Cam” game where we had to guess what we were making for this special day. We guessed it right! We were to make our 100th Day Smores! All of us tasted our ingredients before making it but sssshhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone! After all that fun, we enjoyed eating our yummy smores. It was definitely a memorable 100th Day celebration for us as it was full of fun, dancing, learning and a lot of eating. 😊


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