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1st PYP Assembly of SY 2023-24 by Grade 5E

by Lawrence Buck

To celebrate the end of our Unit 1, Grade 5E hosted English Primary's 1st PYP Assembly where they shared everything that they have learned concerning Children's Rights. The assembly presentations were fully driven by the students as they chose the topics, they were keen to know the most. These topics are about Children in Poverty, Child Soldiers, Child Labour in various industries such as Agriculture (producing chocolate for International companies) and Child Labor relating to “fast fashion." The children also presented a short skit to raise awareness against Child Labor. Although they were understandably a little nervous about performing in front of a packed auditorium, that included their parents, each group excelled themselves and deserved the ovation given by their audience who thoroughly appreciated their message and their quality of presentations, especially their finale song “We Stand Together” which touched everybody’s hearts - the perfect end to the assembly.


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