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2022 Spelling Bee Champions: House of Münster

by Lawrence Buck

Congratulations to this year's Spelling Bee Champions! The House of Münster. This year's spelling bee was extra special as children from both English and German sections formed teams to win points for their Houses. During the preliminary round, the Four Houses spelled almost all the words with ease. Three Houses scored the same but only two had to go to the next round. After a thrilling tie-breaker, the House of Berlin and the House of Münster made it to the 2nd round. This round had more challenging words in both English and German to spell. In the end, the House of Münster was declared this year's champion after gathering the highest points

Thanks to our Librarian, Ms. Sofia Mangilog for being our scorekeeper, Ms. Bianca Bachmann for being the pronouncer of the spelling words in German, Ms. Viola for organising this challenge and to all the House Mentors for their time practicing with the children.

Well done, Houses of Primary!


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