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CAS Projects in Secondary

Here's a compilation of the CAS projects done by our students in the German and International Section Secondary (compiled by Valerie Cornelissen)

Environmental Projects

Daniel Dima, 7i focusing on cleaning up our planet!
7D and 7i boys working on designing their own airplane that is based on 100% clean energy

Trash Collecting in Campus GESM CAS project

Guten Tag. We’re students from Grade 8i and d class and our CAS project is supposed to raise awareness on how to keep our school clean and learn how littering is extremely bad not only for the school but for the environment. We hope that this encourages students and teachers to be more aware of their trash and check whether they have put it in the right place. This also shows that we can spend our time also helping our staff with keeping everything hygienic and clean.

Our CAS group came together can has collected trash for 2 weeks. On the first week, we didn’t think we would need that much disposable bags as we thought there wasn’t a lot of trash around school. On that day we realized that there was actually a lot of trash, we were just not paying attention to it. So I’m total, we collected 3 bags of trash.

On week number 2, We came more prepared and the whole class of 8i and D came and helped. We took out a lot of trash and the coolest part was that majority of them were recyclable.Most trash that we’re collected we’re things like wrappers, plastic bottles, mini cartons of beverages and tiny pieces of plastic. In total we collected 4 bags on the Second week and we also noticed that most of the trash was found in the field and the track where we all play. We suggest that the school should add more trash cans around the fields

We were happy to help the school and the environment with this tiny project. We are hoping you can join too and make our environment a cleaner place. :-)

Keeping the Peace!

And raising awareness on what is going on in the world...

Grade 7i and 7D working to raise awareness on the War in Ukraine

Grade 6i raised money (PHP 4055.25) to donate to Ukraine!

7D students designing a piggy bank to raise money to help Ukraine

Learning new skills and sharing it with others

7i students baking and cooking for our community

Grades 6D and 6i decided to plan their very own playground for GESM and asked Head of Administration Mr. Ross if their ideas could be used for next school year, to help make break time extra special!


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