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Curtains up for Theater class!

GESM presents its new profile subject

by Ute Massow

"Shout! Trample! Jump!" Such or similar work instructions, rarely heard in school, have been on the agenda of GESM and the International Primary since this school year.

Playing theater has a long tradition in many schools - but mostly in the form of study groups.

The concept of the theater class is based on the fact that the students of the 5th & 6th grade receive practical theater lessons for two school hours per week. Students like to move, slip into different roles, and come up with play ideas.

Therefore, the focus is on playing, trying out different roles, and learning necessary theater skills. Playing theater has a great motivational power, which makes it possible to expand the students' ability to express themselves in the long term. What could be better than learning a language through play? Performing a piece on stage only works when people work together. In the process of creating a "play", the students experience the effect of facial expressions, gestures and voice, and how much acting - among many other personality-building skills - strengthens self-confidence.

The work in the theater class supports the students in many ways. Through the common goals and projects in the context of interdisciplinary and inter-year theater work, the classes grow close together, so that everyone enjoys it.

Grades 5D and 6D are currently working on Janosch's classic children's book, „Oh, wie schön ist Panama“ Friendship, wishes and dreams are themes that occupy all the "players". In art class, they are busy making props, and in music class, they are practicing the "Panamalied," among other things.

„Die Königin der Farben“ by Jutta Bauer is the basis for the theater project of class 5i. Malwida is the queen of colors who rules over the colors blue, red and yellow. These colors trigger different moods in Malwida - and in the course of the play things get quite "colorful".

Many thanks to all the students who show us every week that playing theater is fun.

Then I say "curtain up" for this school year and wish all theater friends a "TOI, TOI, TOI" that we may present our productions in the coming school year on the big stage in the auditorium with many spectators - without Corona throwing a spanner in the works. In case of need, we improvise! We can do that too!


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