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Curtains up for Theater class!

by Ute Massow

At last it's "Shout! Trample! Jump!" Such or similar work instructions, which are rather seldom heard in school, are on the agenda in drama class.

The concept of the theatre class is based on the fact that the pupils of the 5th & 6th grade receive practical theatre lessons for two school hours per week. Already the first lessons on the big stage in the auditorium have shown that the pupils like to move, slip into other roles and come up with play ideas.

What could be better than learning or developing a language through play? Putting a play on stage only works together. In the process of creating a "play", the pupils experience the effect of facial expressions, gestures and voice and how much acting - among many other personality-building skills - strengthens self-confidence.

"TOI, TOI, TOI" for the coming theatre school year!


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