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Digital Art Illuminates the Chinese New Year with a Glowing Dragon

A Light Painting Project by ColArt 7D/E, 8D/E, 9D/E

by René Reiter

In a world dominated by technology and digital media, teachers and students often seek creative forms of expression beyond the traditional classroom. One such project is light painting, inviting students to discover their artistic side while developing technical skills.

But what is light painting? In light painting, participants use light sources such as flashlights, LEDs, or even fireworks to paint images in a dark environment. This technique requires patience, creativity, and an understanding of exposure times.

In the ColArt group, students have explored this fascinating art form. Under the guidance of art teacher René Reiter, they learned the basics of photography and then experimented with different light sources and movements to create amazing images.

The project started with an introduction to the technique of light painting. Then, students were divided into teams and encouraged to implement their own ideas. From simple shapes to complex images and even letters, students designed their own unique artworks.

An essential aspect of this project was collaboration and teamwork. Students learned to exchange ideas, compromise, and work together towards a common goal. Moreover, the project helped them unleash their creativity and deepen their technical understanding.

At the end of the project, students proudly presented their works, showcasing how light and creativity can come together to create a magical dragon for the Chinese New Year celebration.


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