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Diversity Celebration: PYP Assembly by Grade 4E

In a spectacular showcase of unity and cultural pride, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) assembly at GESM left a lasting impression. Hosted by the vibrant Grade 4E, the assembly marked the conclusion of a six-week exploration into the unit theme "Where We Are in Place and Time." The primary schoolers, adorned in a colorful array of national costumes, embraced their diverse backgrounds with enthusiasm and pride.

The assembly featured an array of performances and thought-provoking video presentations. Students passionately shared insights into their unique heritages, creating a vibrant tapestry that reflected the school's rich cultural mosaic. Notably, the event served as a platform to address important issues such as racism and violence, promoting a spirit of understanding and inclusivity among the young minds.

The emphasis on celebrating diversity was evident throughout, fostering a sense of appreciation for the unique stories each student brings to the school community. The Grade 4E hosts skillfully guided the audience through an engaging and enlightening journey, encapsulating the essence of the PYP program's commitment to holistic education. As the assembly concluded, it left an indelible mark, reinforcing the importance of embracing differences and cultivating a harmonious learning environment.


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