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Drama Day Delight

based on text by Julien Ferrandon

Drama took center stage at the German European School Manila's Grades 6E-8E as they celebrated Drama Day as part of the Cambridge International curriculum for English literature. The event showcased the students' talents and creativity, emphasizing the importance of drama, story writing, public speaking, and stage awareness.

Grade 6 students engaged in movie or play re-enactments, bringing classic stories to life. On the other hand, Grades 7-8 took a more hands-on approach by writing their own scripts, showcasing their storytelling prowess. The preparation for this event involved several weeks of practice, with Grades 6 and 8 dedicating a month to crafting their scripts.

The grand performance took place on February 14, with the audience comprising fellow students and teachers. Despite being the first of its kind, the event received overwhelming enthusiasm and demonstrated high-quality performances, prompting plans to invite parents next year to witness the students' theatrical achievements.

The overarching goal of Drama Day extended beyond mere performance. It aimed to cultivate interest in drama, story writing, public speaking, and stage awareness while fostering team spirit and instilling a sense of responsibility for each participant's role in a group project. The success of the event was credited to the leadership of English Literature teacher Mr. Ezekiel Chester, who helped make Drama Day not just a showcase of students' artistic abilities but as a lesson in the importance of collaboration and creative expression.


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