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DSD2: Successfully concluded

by Martin Gabel | 26 November 2021

The DSD 2 was held on campus again this year, this time in Surinam 2, the newly acquired and remodeled building by the sports field, which houses the Additional Needs department as well as DaF (German as a Foreign Language). The examination committee was formed by Mr. Decker, Mr. Stelzer and Mr. Gabel.

Five examinees from Grade 11 took the exam and had prepared interesting presentations, as before, on gender politics, the speed limit on the German Autobahn, artificial intelligence, the future of nuclear power, and the still relevant question of the fairness of the German school system.

The theses put forward in the follow-up discussion were:

  • that gender tolerance must become a matter of course.

  • that speed limits on the Autobahn contradict the German national character.

  • that AI is useful, but also dangerous, and on the whole inevitable;

  • that nuclear power is not an alternative and

  • that the German school system is in need of reform.

The students were well-prepared and handled their topics with aplomb. Thus, also the fourth DSD2 exam so far went successfully "over the stage", in the second year of the pandemic. GESM thanks all students and teachers for the success of the exam, not least the parents for the transport and their support.


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