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Eager to read? Of course!

by Ute Massow

Reading Aloud Competition 2023

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, but on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, another highlight was on the agenda at DESM – the in-school reading aloud competition.

During the first big break, the class winners of grades 5-8 gathered in front of the library entrance, eagerly waiting for the event to begin. Not only were the students excited, but so was the jury, as this year marked the first time that students from the English-language department also participated. They mastered their reading texts with great skill, and we look forward to their contributions in the coming year. The participation of both departments was a great idea because shared reading brings people together.

In the first round, the class winners of grades 5 to 8 presented their selected reading passages, providing a wonderful shared reading experience for everyone.

After the first mandatory part, the jury, consisting of Mr. Frank, Ms. Steinberg, Elisa Erler, Hannah Seo, and German teachers Ms. Hamburger, Max Schrievers, and Ms. Massow, withdrew for the first decision.

Motivated, the competition entered the second round, the tough test, where the readers now had to demonstrate their skills with an unknown text.

Noah Konstanzer from 5D convinced the jury in both disciplines and became the school winner of 2023. Congratulations!

Thanks to all the readers who once again showed us that reading enchants and helps in many situations in life because, as Cornelia Funke says, "Nothing chased away bad dreams faster than the rustling of printed paper."


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