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Eurocampus Primary Students Work & Play Together

Tuesday, January 24 was a day full of activities for the Primary students of GESM and LFM! Their teachers prepared activities where students of the German section, English section and their French school peers are given the chance to work and play together on common goals. In this week, the two schools are celebrating two important anniversaries: the 60th year of the Élysée Treaty and the 30th School Year of Eurocampus Manila.

The 1st-graders learned songs together, played the "rabbit game" in the field, and did art & crafts with the teachers. The 2nd-graders meanwhile were divided into 4 groups and played different games on the field. Inside the gym, the 3rd-graders had to complete a challenging obstacle course! The 4th-and 5th-graders did artworks all together which was then displayed in the campus lobby.

On Friday, most all primary schoolers participated in the 24-Hour Swimming Challenge and swam the multiple laps in the swimming pool to contribute to charity. But they didn't stop there -- In the afternoon, they joined the rest of the Eurocampus in a culminating program that ended with a dance performance led by Mr. Monwabisi Bangiwe!


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