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Featured Student Work: A year of quarantine in the Philippines

by Adrian Almazan Kerekesha, 6-I | 14 May 2021

The Corona Virus has had a huge impact on every country in the world. It is even true for the smaller countries such as the Philippines. While this pandemic has affected us all in the Philippines one way or another, having lost a love one, a profession, or being “locked up”, the resilience of the Filipino people remains commendable.

According to Devex: ,“We need to go that extra mile to actually make social distancing meaningful in our families and our homes. We recognize that in many situations in the Philippines, people are living in overcrowded housing systems. So socially isolating yourselves, sleeping in a separate room, is impossible, [and so] we need to find solutions that can be practiced,” Abeyasinghe said.

According to the website: some areas are more affected by the Corona virus than others. This explains why certain areas are under stricter quarantine measure than others.

Some people have found themselves constrained to their homes while others are more free to roam around their communities and interact. The biggest isolation, however, can be found among the children who are forbidden from going to school or entering shopping malls and travelling. The amount of cases suffering from anxiety have jumped considerably. According to an article in the Journal of affected disorders, which appeared in 2020, 17% of people are suffering from moderate-to-severe depression syndromes and 28,8% of people have moderate-to-severe anxiety levels. These results were observed in the early phases of the pandemic. Now, imagine the state of the Filipino people one year later!

Protecting yourself is protecting others. Worrying about this virus is the worst part of testing positive for COVID-19, according to many Filipinos. “The stress and anxiety were very difficult to handle because I didn’t know if I had infected my family already”, said 35-year old Drew.

As we continue to ask for help in the donation of vaccinations, we will continue to use protective measures to limit the damage COVID-19 has created. With 22 million children out of school here in the Philippines, and millions of jobless adults, we must all agree to unite in this battle for recovery and normalcy, we must remain vigilant and respect this deadly virus. There is nothing we cannot achieve when we stick together and fight as one.

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