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Featured Student Work: "Into the Future"

by Akaisha Mehta, 7-I | 15 Jan 2021

Hi, my name is Zoe. And I love fictional stories. Especially those ones with superheroes

I have a huge imagination, that is why, whenever I sleep, I always find myself dreaming and even end up

with nightmares sometimes.

One night, I fell asleep within minutes. Next thing I know is that I woke up in a

completely new world and I instantly felt that this was real. it just could not be a dream! In fact, I felt it

was either a memory of somewhere I have been or a vision of some place I am going to be in the future.

They sky was clear and vivid red, the air was pure, and the atmosphere was charged up, something

unbelievable, something I never felt before all my life. At a distance, I saw movement and as I got closer,

I realized that there were robots and aliens, all going about their lives with a sense of purpose. I was so

lost and confused, yet extremely excited about this exploration.

After a few hours of discovering every little detail of this new world in awe. And almost as soon as I

made myself believe that I might be the only human here, I stumbled upon an old man; I became

so joyful to finally find someone so I can finally find out where I am. I approached

him and politely asked him “Hi Sir, where are we?” He looked at me with a smile, paused and thought

for a few minutes and said – ‘We are in the future my child and it’s the year 2040 and us Humans have

made the mighty planet of Mars our new home!

I could not control myself and I burst out laughing; and did not want to believe a word of what he said.

And then it sank in and suddenly started to make sense. All this new technology, aliens, and robots, the

tall and sophisticated skyscrapers, flying objects all around and how the night sky looked like. it was all so real.

Then I quickly thought to myself, how would it be live to on Mars? And just as I started thinking of how

cool it would be, But the reality of not having my family there with me hit me hard and I suddenly started missing home.

I immediately asked the old wise man; is there a way I could go back home? He instantly said that

the only way to go back is to choose a year to go back to and save thousands of lives in the same year

and if you I had a good plan Then you might go back. I thought hard about all the years and I chose to go

back to November 2019 as that is when the world got infected with Coronavirus. I told him my plan and

quickly said ‘Granted’; the next moment I find myself in China in the year 2019, exactly as I had asked.

Since this was the year the first Covid-19 case emerged, I banned China from eating any non-vegetarian

food as that was the main cause of people dying and suffering because of the pandemic. I waited till

December and ‘Kaboom!!’ the plan worked.

That night, I was super excited to go home and now when I wake up, I will be back with my family.

I opened my eyes and suddenly found myself trapped in this dark room, after a few

minutes, a light flickered, and I see the same old wise man standing in front of me. I asked him politely

“Hi Sir, where are we?’ He looked at me, paused and thought for a few minutes and said ……………………

I was kept in the dark for so long with no food or water. I became weaker and weaker, day by day. One

night. I heard footsteps approaching the room I was in. I saw a shadow of a tall person. It ended up

being my future self. I was so happy and sad at the same time. I guess it’s just this weird feeling That you

Feel when u meet your future self. It was such a hard emotion to explain. I just felt like I was dropped

Into a bucket of cold ice. I also felt angry at one point, I felt like my future was not a mystery anymore.

Sometimes it’s good to not know everything. I just felt like as if I was cheated. Know your future can be a

Big deal. You could have mixed emotions. She (my future self) helped me escape that dark room. After

I was left out, I ran so fast so that I would not know anything more about my future. I ran so far, that

At one point, I had no idea on where I was. I started laying in a corner in this really weird area filled with

Rocks, and started wondering if I would ever go back.

3 years later

I woke up, in my room, and I was filled with confusion. My parents came with breakfast and I ran into

The bathroom and started crying. I know.. I know… Its weird but I just bursted out crying, but hear me

Out. I never saw my parents for 3 years. I started making a home in Mars. And suddenly I wake up and

Everything that I saw, or did for the past 3 years have just been erased. There was nothing I could do.

The only thing I could do was go back to my normal life. It wasn’t easy but it was the only choice. One

day I was crossing the street and I was waiting for this huge bus to pass and I saw this familiar chair and

the same old wise man I saw in Mars. It was so weird seeing him here and my mind was just filled with

confusion. he looked at me and smiled I was still hesitating on if I should even across the street and go

to him. Because the last time I saw him, he looked me up in a dark room the big bus came and as it was

passing, the old man disappeared. As soon as the bus left, the chair and the man was gone for once in

my life I decided to leave that little adventure in the past and move on with life.


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