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Featured Student Work: "The Dragons & Adam"

by Hyun Ko, 6-I | 15 Jan 2021

The dragon breathed in air and blew out flame. Just one inflate of dragon breath could kill you. Some dragons lived in caves, protecting in a faraway land, there lived a family of most gigantic and strongest dragons. The dragons were living in the village called Agon the village was beautiful. The d the treasure. Other dragons live in the ocean, protecting the golds. Dragons even lived in the sky, when they were furious, they blew up storms. Dragons had bumpy scales, strong wings, and long pointed tails, and has different shapes and sizes.

Most people are afraid of these dragons. They kept as far away from dragons because they thought dragons will eat them alive.

In the castle of Agons there lived a very selfish King name Zico. He is the most powerful, boastful, and greediest among the Kings. He has a huge brown eye and a healthy body. All his knights and the people around were afraid of him. King Zico is jealous of the dragons and wanted to have their power. He offered a huge reward to the brave soldiers who could kill dragons. But dragons were undefeated.

Adam is a worker in the castle. He lived with his wife in the village beside the castle. He was sad because they had no children. One day, while he was walking to work an old man appeared. “I am thirsty, could you share me your water?” he said. “Sure, you can drink all of this.” Adam said. “You're a good man, Adam.” said the old man. “I can grant you one wish.” Adam only wanted one wish. “I wish to have a child.” he said. After a few months, his wish came true. But they did not have two or three. They even had 50 children. “Oh no! How will I afford to feed them all?” said Adam. He talked to his wife about the problem. His wife hurriedly thought of the King’s offered. “The King can help us with our problem.” she said. Adam quickly went to the King’s place and bravely introduce himself that he can kill the dragons. The king just laughed on Adam. “How can you kill those dragons?” the king said. “You are just an ordinary man.” he added. The king did not believe to Adam.

On the next day, Adam set off in search of the dragons and its treasure. He did not find the dragon. The dragon found him. When he saw it, Adam knew he could not fight the dragon. Instead, he said, “I can squeeze a stone until it drips!” “You are strong!” said the dragon. He did not know Adam’s stone was just a lump of old cheese. The dragon could not believe how strong Adam was. “HAHAHAHA I tricked the dragon. It means I am smarter than him.” Adam thought. The dragon wanted to prove that no one can be as strong as him. So, he decided to test Adam’s strength and to kill him after the dragon thought all trick and steps on how to test and kill Adam. “Aha, I'm going to bring him to my mother dragon’s cave.” he said. The dragon took Adam to meet his mother.

“If you are really stronger than my son, I will give you the treasure you need.” the dragon said. “You won’t beat my son twice.” mother dragon thought. She found two rocks. “See how far you can both throw these.” mother dragon said. “I will throw mine over the farthest and the most towering mountain,” said the dragon. “How about you?”

“I can throw now,” Adam said. “The milky way’s in the way!” Adam said. Now, the dragons were scared. Adam was the strongest man they have ever met. They planned to kill him in the night while he was sleeping.“I will creep into his room tonight.” the baby dragon said. “Then you can smash him on the head using the thick log.” the mother dragon said. But they didn’t know Adam heard what they were planning. "I will disguise and put this log inside my pillow to look as me.” Adam said. “I will smash your head now.” said the dragon. “smash! Smash! You are dead now.” said mother dragon. On the next day, the dragons were surprised to see Adam. “I had a pain in my head I think someone hit me on the head last night.” he said smiling. The dragons cannot believe so they finally gave up and gave all the treasures to Adam. Adam was the happiest man in the castle after he got all the treasures.


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