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Featured Student Work: " a raging party"

by Sophie Langley, 7-I | 19 February 2021

The .. is a raging party,

Loud and Fierce,

It draws you in and sweeps you away,

With its thunderous tyranny and soothing seduction,

Watch from a far or disappear into the bewildering night,

Be careful not to become the unlucky deduction,

Of the silent steady killer that is the night sea party.

And when the party seems to peak the sky becomes more dim,

The wondrous whiny wild light roars,

Your head spins and your ears ring,

The clashing of sounds and dashing of movements,

Make you seem slim in comparison,

To the flashing of its unlawful laws.

But if the party does end it is a sight to see,

The bashing of senses seems to rest,

And the blasting lasting tosses end,

The remainder of something so strong,

Could somehow end up to be so beautifully calm.


Photo by Andre Moura from Pexels


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