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Featured Student Works: Self Portraits

submitted by Nicole Huber | 29 Jan 2021

Here are some very impressive artworks produced by students of our Mittelstufe (German Middle School) and compiled by teacher Nicole Huber. Check them out:

Contributions by:

  • Alex, 6D

  • Alyana, 9D

  • Brian, 7D

  • Chayenne, 7D

  • Hannah, 7D

  • Juliette, 10D

  • Justin, 10D

  • Kimi, 6D

  • Kimi, 8D

  • Laila, 8D

  • Leonie, 10D

  • Nicolas, 10D

  • Princess, 7D

  • Sophia, 8D

  • Zoe, 7D


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