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Folk Art Exploration by 6E

von Santosh Kumar

The students were introduced to different styles of folk art from different parts of world, such as the Philippines, Mexico, India, and folk arts from Germany.

The students were then given the opportunity to create their own versions of these traditional art forms, using a variety of materials such as paint, pencils, and markers. They were encouraged to experiment with different colors and patterns, and to incorporate their own unique creative ideas into their artwork.

The students were fascinated by the intricate designs and bright colors of the folk art forms, and they were excited to try their hands at creating their own versions of these traditional art forms. They spent several weeks working on their art projects.

The project not only allowed the students to develop their artistic skills, but it also helped them to gain a deeper appreciation of the cultural heritage of their country. They were able to learn about the history, mythology, and traditions behind each art form, and they were able to express their own ideas and creativity through their artwork.

Exploring folk art is a great way for students to learn about the culture and history of their country, and to develop their artistic skills at the same time.


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