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From Kindergarten to Rainforest

by Katrin Hofmann

The "little foxes" of the German kindergarten have arrived in Brazil on their thematic trip around the world! There are many interesting things to discover there.

After landing in Rio, they celebrated carnival and danced with rattles to fast samba rhythms.

Then it's off to the rainforest, where there was a lot to learn about the different animals and plants. In order to transform the room into a rainforest, the children did a lot of handicrafts. Whether colorful flowers, monkeys made of wood, butterflies or a giant anaconda, our artists gave free rein to their creativity.

There was also a lot of music, stories, songs with instruments and dances. The children were very enthusiastic about everything. The loudest sound were the little foxes singing and making music to their favorite song "The monkeys race through the forest".

To further encourage the spirit of research, various experiments were offered. Capturing light or wandering colors, the children were full of excitement.

After the Easter break, we can continue on our little trip around the world, and it we can't wait to see where the little foxes end up next!


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