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GESM offers vaccines to all staffes and teachers

30 April 2021

In an effort to help push the end of the pandemic, the GESM is taking a huge leap and decided to acquire vaccines for all school staff members, teachers and all other campus personnel.

The vaccines are to arrive in the next months and will be offered to all mentioned personnel free-of-charge.

In this way, the school also takes a step forward in making sure the campus is much more safe for students once face-to-face classes resume.

In this regard, an orientation was organized on Thursday, 29 April, where staffers were given detailed information on COVID-19, the pandemic and, of course, the vaccines that aim to suppress and eventually stopped its spread.

The GESM administration thanks Dr. Oliver Marquez for heading the orientation. Dr. Marquez not only gave a very enlightening presentation, but also entertained the dozens of questions raised afterwards.


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