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GESM presents blended learning set-up to German, French ambassadors

26 March 2021

The Eurocampus played host to German ambassador H.E. Anke Reiffenstuel and French counterpart H.E. Michèle Boccoz in an official visit to both GESM and LFM on Wednesday, March 24.

The ambassadors met with officials from both schools including GESM Head of School Mr. Christoph-Boris Frank and GESM Head of Administration Mr. Volker Ross. They had a discussion about cooperation between the two schools and additionally did a quick tour of the campus.

The ambassadors visited an online class being conducted by the LFM, and interacted with primary teachers about how she conducts her class.

The GESM then presented the ambassadors its planned blended-learning set-up in one of its classrooms. Ready to be deployed as soon as government allows face-to-face classes, the set-up allows for simultaneous participation of on-site and off-site pupils in classes.


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