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GESM’s MUN Gets Rolling in “LOCALS” 2021 Pre-Conference

by Jeffrey Troyer | 1 October 2021

GESM’s Model United Nations Club got into our first action of the school year by participating in this year’s MUN LOCALS 2021, hosted by International School Manila. The two-day event which formally kicks off on Friday October 8th via Zoom, welcomed nearly 250 delegates from eighteen schools from all over the Philippines for this pre-conference event on Saturday September 25th. After a brief introduction and explanation of the schedule, rules and procedures, the delegates joined their committees by following the appropriated Zoom links.

As always, the focus of Locals is to provide a platform to grow interest and knowledge of Model United Nations in the greater Manila region as well as The Philippines. To this end, extensive beginner and intermediate workshops were held in the afternoon to better acquaint students with Model UN on the whole. For those who are unaware, Model UN is the largest student organization in the world and has been in existence nearly as long as the United Nations itself! This year, LOCALS is proud to announce that all proceeds from conference fees will be donated to UNICEF Philippines Education.

Participating in the event were GESM’s Secretary General Rasesh Barot (Gr.12) as well as our Deputy-Secretary General Shagorika Kar (Gr.10). New to the event this year included Cathryn Lagemann (Gr. 10) Reeja Subramanian (Gr.9) John Lueck (Gr. 9) and Axell Moza (Gr. 9). We are proud of all of these participants involvement in LOCALS and welcome any students in Grades 7-12 at GESM to join our MUN club as there are more events scheduled throughout the 2021-2022 school year GESM will be involved in.


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