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GESM Student Aryan Sharma's Short Film 'Fogg: A Day' Selected for Intl Film Festival

Aryan Sharma, a talented Grade 12 student at the German European School Manila (GESM), has showcased his passion for filmmaking through his captivating short film titled "Fogg: A Day." This remarkable work of art was created as part of Aryan's CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project for his International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

"Fogg: A Day" has received the honor of being officially selected for the Lift-Off Global Network film festival in the "First-Time Filmmakers Session 2023" category. This recognition is a testament to Aryan's dedication, creativity, and filmmaking skills. The festival, set to run from September 4th to September 18th on "Vimeo On Demand," will feature Aryan's film alongside other outstanding submissions.

What makes "Fogg: A Day" even more special is the involvement of Aryan's classmates (and father!), who took on roles in the film. This collaborative effort not only demonstrates the creative spirit within GESM but also highlights the sense of community and support among students.

As the first round of voting begins on September 4th, we eagerly anticipate the success of Aryan Sharma's "Fogg: A Day" in this prestigious festival. It is a shining example of the talent and dedication that GESM students bring to their endeavors, showcasing their potential on an international stage.

Watch the film via YouTube here:


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