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Grade 2's PYP Assembly: "How We Express Ourselves"

The 2nd Grade PYP Assembly, themed "How We Express Ourselves," unfolded on Friday at 8:00 AM in our school's aula, hosted by our talented 2nd graders.

The assembly's focal point was a captivating play devised by our students, shedding light on the creative processes of Authors and Illustrators. Through engaging performances, the young participants shared insightful perspectives on creativity.

In a special addition, children's book author Peter H. Reynolds delivered an inspiring message, encouraging students to embrace their creativity and explore diverse forms of expression.

Adding enchantment, Grade 2D students from the German section presented a delightful number, contributing to the overall artistic atmosphere.

Parents, teachers, and students relished a visually engaging experience as our 2nd graders demonstrated their understanding of self-expression through words and illustrations, leaving a lasting impression.

The assembly celebrated artistic expression and showcased the collaborative efforts of our 2nd graders, teachers, and the school community. It was a proud moment witnessing the growth and confidence of our students.

As the assembly concluded, it successfully entertained and enlightened the audience about the beauty of self-expression, featuring a special touch from Peter H. Reynolds and a delightful number from Grade 2D.

Appreciations go out to everyone who contributed to this successful event. Thank you for joining us on this journey into "How We Express Ourselves."


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