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Hear from our new teachers!

3 September 2021

A whole troop of new teachers are reinforcing the GESM faculty this year! Check out what they have to say about starting at GESM and getting to meet the rest of the school community:


Manuela Czech

Head of German Primary | Leiterin, Grundschule Homeroom Teacher, 1D | Klassenlehrerin, 1D

"Hallo, mein Name ist Manuela Czech. Ich bin aus Deutschland. Und ich kann mehrere Sprachen sprechen, zum Beispiel Norwegisch, aber natürlich auch Deutsch und Englisch. Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich als deutsche Grundschulleitung in Manila arbeiten darf und als Klassenlehrerin für die erste Klasse. Und ich hoffe, dass ich euch alle blad in Person in Manila kennenlernen kann."

"Hi, my name is Manuela Czech. I'm from Germany. Apart from German and English, I speak a little bit of Norwegian. And I will be the new section head for the (German) primary school and class teacher for year 1 (1D). And I'm looking forward to be working with all of you and to getting to know you -- hopefully in person soon in Manila!


Christoph Felberbauer

German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

"Hi everyone, my name is Chris, from Austria. I speak English, German, French and Spanish and I will be teaching German as a Foreign Language at the International Department. I will be relocating to Manila shortly and looking forward to seeing you all soon - in person or online. Have a great one, bye."


Michael Gauggel

Homeroom Teacher, 6D | Klassenlehrer, 6D

"Dear parents, dear college,

my name is Michael Gauggel, I was born in Stuttgart (Germany) and, after graduating from high school, first studied law in Tübingen, then product design in Schwäbisch Gmünd and then got into an apprenticeship through friends. Since then I have been very happy, because at school I was always one of the worst, especially in math, and it was just enough not to fail high school. I was able to balance things out with German, History, Bio and the other subjects, but math... was my personally feared subject.

During my studies I happened to be in a math lecture and had a real "aha" experience. If my teachers at the time had also explained it to me like this brilliant professor and from then on math became my favorite subject. I then moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where I taught the middle and upper grades for a long time as a class teacher and as a school-based curative teacher. At the time, I completed this second degree part-time in order to be able to help weaker students effectively. There I got to know my current wife and when we saw the offer from GESM, we decided to go back to your home country. She is Filipino and the winters were simply too gray and too cold for us. In addition, we all miss our family in Manila, including the children. Divine is already there and hopefully so will I soon, as I still had to resolve everything here.

I'm really looking forward to the students, the work with parents, the staff, my family and, of course, finally no daily temperature fluctuations with a difference of up to 20 degrees... I'm really looking forward to it.

In class 6D I am a class teacher, in 7 / 8D I also teach math, geography, ethics and history, as well as 9D math. In addition, I give a remedial lesson, but try to make the students as good as possible during class be able to learn. Hopefully see you soon with that in mind."


Corinna Gill

Homeroom Teacher, 2D | Klassenlehrerin, 2D

"My name is Corinna Gill. I will be the class teacher for 2nd grade. My focus is teaching art. I look forward to discover the wonder of the world with all of you!"

"Hallo, ich heiße Corinna Gill. Ich komme aus Deutschland und ich werde die 2. Klasse mit allen Mitteln der Kunst unterrichten. Ich freue mich, die Wunder der Welt mit euch zusammen zu entdecken."


Daniel Hall

English, International Secondary & IBDP

"My name is Daniel Hall, I'm from England but I spent the last 10 years living and teaching English in South America, first in Peru and then in Colombia. I moved to the Philippines in February. Hablo español, nag-aaral ako ng Tagalog and Mein Deutsch is non-existent. For that reason, I'll be teaching English and I'll be doing so in the International Secondary section. I'm very much looking forward to meeting my new students and working with my new colleagues. I'm excited to meet everyone, online at first, but hopefully soon face to face."


Santosh Kumar

Visual Arts, International Secondary, IBDP & CP

"Kamusta po! Hello Everyone. Myself Santosh Kumar…. I am from India. I will be teaching Visual arts in the International secondary, IBDP and IBCP. My philosophy for learning is that each child is unique. One of my jobs as visual arts teacher is to help child to discover his or her individuality. I believe in hands-on experiences and creative ways. I am so excited to be part of student’s creative experience and artistic growth. See you soon!"


Vanny Masamba

Sports, International Primary & Secondary

"Hi, my name is Vanny Masamba. I'm from Switzerland -- more precisely, Geneva. My native language is French, I speak English, and a good deal of German. I will be the sports teacher, International Section for the primary and secondary department. And also I'm really, really happy and excited to join the team, work with my new colleagues and to meet my new students. See you soon!"


Ute Massow

Head of German Secondary | Leiterin, Mittelstufe (Sek-I)

Mrs. Ute Massow will be the new Head of our German secondary, succeeding Dr. Christoph Grandt. Additionally, Mrs. Massow will also be taking on the role of coordinator for the German state exams, the KMK.


Rene Reiter

German Secondary | Mittelstufe (Sek-I)

Mr. Rene Reiter will be teaching art at the German Secondary. Aside from teaching. Mr. Reiter is himself a professional photographer.


Sussane Rodriguez

German Kindergarten

"Hi! My name is Sussane Rodriguez and I will be your child's Kindergarten teacher for this upcoming school year in the German stream. First, allow me to introduce myself to you. Teaching is a passion of mine, and I have many years of experience. In Switzerland and as well as abroad. Just recently, my family moved from California to Manila, and we're very excited to be here. This will be my first year of teaching at GESM and we're looking forward to getting to know you all and guiding your child in the upcoming school year."


Annette Stelzer

Homeroom Teacher, 3D | Klassenlehrerin, 3D

"Hallo, ich heiße Annette Stelzer und freue mich darauf, ab September an der Deutschen Schule Manila unterrichten zu können.

Ich werde mit meiner ganzen Familie in die Philippinen ziehen, denn mein Mann wird dort auch Lehrer sein. Meine Kinder Johanna und Leander besuchen dann die 8. und 11. Klasse an der GESM. Wir kommen aus Deutschland, in der Nähe von Frankfurt. In diesem Schuljahr werde ich Klassenleiterin der dritten Klasse sein, aber auch in der vierten Klasse in einigen Fächern eingesetzt werden. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt meine neuen Schülerinnen und Schüler und das Kollegium kennen zu lernen. Hoffentlich bis bald!"

"Hallo, I'm Annette Stelzer and I´m looking forward to be a Homeroom teacher for the third graders in the German department. I come from Germany, near Frankfurt and I'll be moving with my husband and my two kids to Manila. They will all be part of the German School. I'm excited getting to know the Philippines, my new students and their families. See you soon!"


Tobias Stelzer

German as a Foreign Language, International Secondary

"Hi there, everyone, my name is Tobias Stelzer and I'm sitting here in my garden in Germany and I'm waiting to come to the Philippines as soon as possible. That's because I'll be teaching German as a Foreign Language in the international section of GESM and I'm very much looking forward to doing that. I started teaching in 2002 so I'm old actually, but I'm young at heart. German and English are closely related languages and - this wasn't planned - this is my cat! And by the way, cat means Katze in German, so it's very closely related as I just said. And I hope you enjoy languages as much as I do. Take care and I look forward to meeting you all very, very soon in the Philippines on site or online - whatever."


Nelson Suarez

Math, Visual Arts, International Primary & Secondary

"Hi everyone, my name is Mr. Nelson Suarez and I'll be teaching Math for Grades 3, 6, and 9, supporting Grades 4 and 5 as well. And in addition, I will also be teaching Visual Arts for Grade 6, which is another subject that I really enjoy teaching and I'm really happy and excited about it. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and I'm putting all my effort to make this a successful and a happy year for everyone. If you have any questions, you may contact me at I'll be seeing everyone around, nice to meet you!"


Sussana Werner

English & History, German Secondary; German, International Secondary

"Hi, my name is Susanna Werner and I’m from Germany, Bavaria to exact, which is the home of beautiful mountains, lakes and of course the Oktoberfest. I’ll be teaching English and history in the German Secondary and German in the International Secondary. I look forward to working and meeting all of you."


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