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Herzlichen Glückwunsch to our 2023 Captains and Vice Captains!

by Viola Buck

The Houses have voted and this year, we have a new set of students leading their Houses! The election of the Captain and Vice-Captain started with the children reflecting on the qualities of a leader. After sharing their ideas and opinions, they started to nominate some of the House Members who they think match their description of a leader. The nominees gave their speeches to explain why they think they are suitable for the post. Then, they voted. This is a simple introduction to the democratic system and valuing each and every voice in their Houses. All the super best to our Captains and Vice Captains this year!

House of Berlin: Adinda (5E) & Bianca (4D)

House of Bremen: Miori (5E) & Helena (2D)

House of Dresden: JJ (5E) & Julia (4D)

House of Frankfurt: Mia (5E) & Maxi (4D)

House of München: Tamar (4E) & Tulika (5E)

House of Münster: Maxine (4E) & Jonathan (5E)


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