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House Tournaments 2020

The GESM Houses completed their annual Fuβball tournament this week. It was no easy task with the class trips, the OJTs and the upcoming exams, to find time to play all the games, but the House Captains and their teams somehow pulled it off. Here are a few reflections/comments from the House Captains about how they felt about the tournament and the challenge of scheduling the games:


“I thought the games, as a whole, were all fair and well played. It went much smoother than I had anticipated, which is a very good thing. Although not that many people were willing to play from different age groups, all houses had still managed to enjoy themselves.”


“Regarding the extended lunch breaks issue, we can also talk about how chaotic it got because everything had to happen during the extended lunch period (student council meetings, house competitions, assemblies etc.), so, maybe next year it's better to let the extended lunch be just for the designated activities. For example, Billy and I were also handling Model UN, and we rarely could have proper MUN sessions because the time was taken by something else.


"I believe that the house football was alright, though it could have been better. The re-scheduling of games made it difficult to build momentum and excitement among the students for the tournament. I believe that it would've been great if we could have stuck to our original tournament plan but that's not what happened, so we had to roll with the punches. For next school year, it would be helpful if school management considered designated time for House activities at the beginning of the school year and included that in their calendar planning."

Ms Christina:

“Reflecting on the how the tournament went, with the repeat re-scheduling of games, I can’t help but feel the students would be better off reverting to planning House activities only during lunch break again like they have done in the past. At least lunch break is really in student's control. It's a shame, because my hope for the new extended lunch program at the beginning of the schoolyear was, that it would give the students more opportunity to join the activities, without sacrificing break time or their academics.”

The results of the Tournament were:

  • 1st place: Cobras

  • 2nd place: Sharks

  • 3rd place: Scorpions

  • 4th place: Eagles


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