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International Primary pupils move on up!

by Viola Buck | 7 July 2021

We did it, International Primary! This school year has shown how resilient we all are. Do we know what resilience means? It means that no matter how things change, and it may not be something that we're used to, we continue and carry on. We strive until we become very good at it.

Thank you to all our teachers for your dedication and for your love to our students. It's because of your love and dedication that learning was fun and engaging, even if it was delivered online.

To our admin and management who are the silent workers and our behind the scenes support, thank you for helping us deliver learning effectively -a salute to you all. Our parents, you deserve a good pat on the back for being our amazing partners in educating the children.

To all our students, you have done a terrific job as inquirers risk-takers, thinkers, and most of all, what we, your teachers loved the most, although online, you showed how to care for each other and support each other. In our Houses of Primary, you cheered not just for your own house, but also appreciated the work of others.

Grade 1i awardees:

Grade 2i awardees:

Grade 3i awardees:

Grade 4i awardees:

Grade 5i awardees:


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