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Intl Primary concludes PYP Unit 2

by Viola Buck | 20 Nov 2020

Primary International Section has successfully concluded our 2nd Unit of Inquiry - "Where We Are in Place and Time and to close our unit, Grade 4 hosted our 2nd PYP Assembly where they shared what they have learned concerning Human Migration. Culture plays an important role to help us understand and assimilate well in our host country so Sancte and Aeisha shared with us interesting facts about Philippine culture from food, clothing to places we can visit. To further understand the reasons why people move from one country to another, Ms. Alicia conducted an interview with two of our students, Ayan and Sophie who have moved to the Philippines for various reasons. Ayan and Sophie have moved to the Philippines because their parents have been assigned to a job in the Philippines. Ayan came from Pakistan whilst Sophie came from Dubai. To integrate various subjects into the unit of inquiry, Charles and Raphael conducted an interview in German with Herr Andreas where they learned about the humanitarian initiatives of Germany towards immigrants, especially from Herr Andreas's personal experience whilst he was helping immigrants in Germany. Another interesting presentation was shared by Issa and Ibuki who joined us from Japan! Creative work as they showed what they have learned in Science concerning lights and shadows by presenting their "Shadow Puppet Story." To cap off, a heartwarming rendition of "We Are The World" was sang by our grade 4 students to remind everyone to be kind, caring and compassionate to one another.

Well done Grade 4i, Ms. Alicia and all our G4 teachers! Our big congratulations also go out to all the PYP awardees who have excelled in their academics and have exmplified the IB attributes of being caring, principled, risk-takers, knowledgeable, communicators, thinkers, inquirers, open-minded, reflective and balanced.


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