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It's official: GESM to offer IB Career-related Programme

Christoph-Boris Frank |18 June 2021

At breathtaking speed we have reached our goal: GESM was authorized today by the IBO to offer the IBCP already for the coming school year 2021/22.

Congratulations to all who have contributed to this success over the past 6 months. First and foremost, Mr. Bhowmik, under whose guidance we as the team involved felt we were in safe waters throughout the process.

GESM is - and this is something to be proud of - the first school in the Philippines to offer this IBO program. We are thus offering an alternative that not only benefits our students but also the local student body. The program will add on attractivity to our school by adding a competitive edge.

Please look out for our new advertisements and the announcement for our next online session for more in-depth information and live interviews with our partner universities.

The IBCP is an educational programme for 16 to 18-year-olds (Grade 11 and 12) that is particularly relevant for students who have chosen to specialise in and focus on a particular career path such as hospitality, culinary arts, or graphic design. It is appropriate for all students wishing to progress to Higher Education or undertake career specific training through internships, apprenticeships, technical/community colleges or direct workplace employment. The IBCP is ideal for student who wish to pursue career-related studies, combining the IB’s rigorous approach to education with practical hands-on experience within the working world.

The GESM is set to offer the IBCP starting School Year 2021/22. Inquire now! Email us at or schedule a visit to our campus.


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