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KiGa & Maternelle get together in honor of the Élysée Treaty Anniversary

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

by Shadin Kitma & Nicole Zialcita-Javier | 7 March 2022

In honor of the 59th Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty that marks the beginnings of modern German-Franco relations, GESM's kindergartners got together with their French counterparts in a short and fun activity on January 21! Two groups of Maternelle children had an online event each with the German KiGa+Vorschule and the International Early Years. In both instances, the children did activities together, sang in each of their languages and -- in general -- learned about each other and made new friends.

Here's a short recap of what happened from our very own Ms. Nicole:

The Early Years Pre-Primary International and the LFM Kindergarten celebrated Treaty of Elysee together!

We started the event by talking about friendship and the importance of making and keeping friends. Everyone introduced themselves in English and in French so that we can get to know each other. Then we talked about the importance of knowing some words in our friends' language so that we can understand each other. We learned the words Bonjour, Au revoir and Merci.

We then played a game called Nose, Nose which allowed us to learn some parts of the body in French. It was a very silly but fun game! We had a great time playing and laughing with our new friends!

We ended the event by promising to say Hi and Bonjour to each other when we come back to school and hopefully even get to play our game with each other in person.

We used our newly learned words Au revoir and Merci to say goodbye and thank you.


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