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Bookworms Roam the Campus: An Exciting Reading Night for Book Lovers

by Manuela Czech & Ute Massow

On the evening of May 4, 2023, the bookworms of DESM gathered on campus to experience an extraordinary reading night. This special event attracted book lovers from the German elementary and secondary school and offered a wealth of activities. From making bookmarks to book adaptations, there was something for every taste.

The reading night began with an entertaining adaptation of the fairy tale "Cinderella" performed by the colleagues from both departments on stage. Following that, the students could visit different stations prepared by secondary school students during their cooperative hours, all revolving around the theme of "books and reading."

With colorful paper, pens, and imagination, visitors were able to unleash their creativity by designing bookmarks and creating mini-books. The scavenger hunt to discover secret messages on campus was particularly exciting. Another highlight of the reading night were the escape rooms themed "Harry Potter" and "Frank's Horror House," which presented participants with tricky puzzles. To escape from these locked rooms, they had to demonstrate their knowledge of Hogwarts and their puzzle-solving skills. The giant domino game, where dictionaries replaced the dominoes, also provided a lot of fun.

A spelling contest not only put spelling skills to the test but also brought enjoyment and fostered quick thinking and concentration. After dinner, the night continued for the elementary school with a flashlight reading and ended with a night walk in the classroom. Meanwhile, the evening program for the middle school took place in the library.

Activities ranged from a presentation of self-written poems by a student, a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Literature Special," various black stories, a reading on the creation of the Earth from Greek mythology followed by a quiz, guessing games, plays, jokes, and literature adaptations. Due to the abundance of offerings, some activities continued the next morning. A short film informed the secondary school students about World Book Day.

The conclusion consisted of a shared breakfast, and around 9:00 AM, the "reading rats retreated to their cozy burrows."

The reading night on campus was a festive and great success, with many students wishing for a repetition in the next school year and expressing a desire to read even more. This night would not have been possible without the support of all students, colleagues, and parents. Thank you very much to everyone involved!


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