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"My day from morning 'til evening"

by Andreas Eggert | 19 Feb 2021

During the past weeks, DaF students in grade 5i have been learning how to tell the time and how to describe a normal day from morning until evening in German.

A few days into this unit, students were given the chance to show what they remembered:

"Please describe a normal day from morning until evening and turn your text into a beautiful poster."

It didn't take long before all students busily wrote their texts and sent their drafts for some initial feedback. Then, they rewrote their texts with a few corrections and prepared a wonderfully decorated poster.

The result is great and makes my proud teacher's heart beat faster.

If you want to know why, please click on the following photos as you browse through my student's great work.

Practice truly makes perfect and grade 5i students of German are getting better and better with each and every lesson!


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