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On your closets, get set, go!

by Manuela Czech & Ute Massow

Since May 23, clothing closets have been diligently raided and, in keeping with the motto "Everything is new in May," clothing items have been collected for a good cause. The students of the German section Primary and Secondary designed boxes in art class, which were filled to the brim with their clothing donations and handed over to the Makati-based organization Virlanie Foundation on June 24.

The Virlanie Foundation is a non-profit, non-denominational organization founded in 1992 by Frenchman Dominique Lemay. It supports street children in Manila and runs eight houses to give the children a home and provides for their school education.

The handing over of the clothes was a good opportunity to put two central principles of GESM into practice: Sustainability and Social Commitment

Arlyne Ferndandez, the Executive Director of the Virlanie Foundation, and her team visited our school on June 24 and received the clothing donation with joy and gratitude.

During the event, there were plenty of opportunities for the children to ask questions and learn about the organization. The greeting card activity was especially heartfelt, with the students creating greetings and wishes for the children supported by Virlanie.

See you next time in May 2023!


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