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Pre-Primary kids' first day in school

by Katrina Uytengsu | 3 September 2021

Today marks the first day of school for the Pre-Primary students and teachers. We were all excited to meet our new teachers and classmates. With smiles on our faces, we started our day with our morning circle dance to shake off our first day jitters. After which, we got to know our classmates and teachers through the game “who is that.” Our teachers showed us baby pictures of everyone in class and we had to guess who it was. It was a bit tricky but we definitely had fun. We also learned more about each other as we played the wheel of favorites. Through this game, we shared our favorite hobby, color, story, food, toy, and animal. Next, we made our Sea Turtles craft and found out why we are called the “Sea Turtles” class. We learned that Sea Turtles are knowledgeable, well-balanced, they like to move around in big spaces, they exercise, swim and they eat healthy. Above all, Sea Turtles are kind and caring to everyone around them just like us.


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