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Preschoolers make homemade glue

by Rain Belarmino | 12 Feb 2021

Today the panda bears experienced and experimented on how to make homemade glue. Glue is an integral part of children’s crafting. Glue is what makes everything stick together, right?

If you give a preschooler a glue bottle…he’s probably going to want to squeeze every last drop of glue out of that thing and see what happens 😂. Either that or if you give a preschooler a glue bottle, she or he might not know what to do with it because guess what? Kids need to practice gluing – it’s not a skill they’re born with. That is why it is important to introduce glue.

Learning to use glue develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor planning skills. It also helps your child understand the sensory concept of stickiness.

Hope you enjoyed making our glue together!


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