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PYP Exhibition 2019-2020

by Timothy Balaz

Grade 5i has finished their eight week journey for their Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition, they had their ups and downs, spent days stressing about their projects, meeting deadlines, and overcoming fears of speaking in public, but most importantly, learned a lot about what they are capable of accomplishing. As part of their process, all the students created an art exhibit which expresses their passion for their topic. Since the actual exhibition would have to wait until classes resume in school, here is a preview of the work that they created. I hope you will enjoy them and they will peak your interest and you will be curious to view their full presentations in the coming days.


Interested in a recording of the exhibition? Fill out a request form here.


Transportation Awareness (Adam Buck)

Ending Animal Cruelty (Paul Murphy, Daniel Dima)

Virus Protection Awareness/Health (Paige Garcia, Lilou Zhao Meng Yuan Hanen, Jacob Willy Joseph van Olffen)

Comic Strips Against Discrimination (Karlee Hannam, Kohwoon Shim)

Techno Music (Vivaan Singh)

Click the button on the left to listen in.

Environment Protection (Stephanie Brown, Yune Ko, Natali Devidze, Fiona Hachey, Elias van Veldhuizen)

Future, Technology (Adrian Almazan Kerekesha)


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