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Reading Films - Understanding Films

by René Reiter

In art class, the 9D and 10D classes delved into the topic of film analysis. In the unit "Reading Films - Understanding Films," students learned about elements that affect the viewer's perception of a film.

After various exercises on camera angles, perspective, and framing, the students were able to create their own one-minute film.

A film idea was chosen, followed by the development of a storyboard, and finally, the roles were assigned. The students independently determined who would direct, operate the camera, and act.

Everyone successfully completed the task and had a lot of fun, as can be seen in the outtakes.

Enjoy watching the results.

"Who is Ahren" by and with: Ahren Wieneke, Ian Simmelbauer, Oskar Blackert, Sebastian Schmitz "Monday Morning" by and with: Mila Krstovic, Jana Rossa, Isabella Giese, Lica Schwock

"Basketball Dream" by and with: Nicolás Vivas Hucke, a one-minute, one-man film


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