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Save the Date: Eurocampus plans big for Élysée Week '23

GESM and the French school LFM are cooking something big to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty on January 22, 2023! On top of that, the Eurocampus is also marking its 30th School Year!

In honor of these anniversaries, the Eurocampus will host week-long festivities from January 23 to 26, with a series of events and activities that will cater to students young and old.

And the culminating event of the Élysée week? The 24-Hour Swimming Marathon!

Yes, that's right! This 24-hour swimming challenge will be open to anyone who can swim: students of all ages, parents, teachers -- even friends of the school from partner organizations. The idea is for at least one person swimming in the Eurocampus pool at any given time for 24 hours. The more laps swum, the more money pledged to a charitable foundation.

Stand by for more information soon!


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