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Science in Real Context for Grade 10E

by Grisela Marti

In the middle of one of the busiest times for Grade 10E, students and teachers managed to step outside the school and go on a field trip. It was the first field trip for Grade 10E since the school opened their doors after Covid-19 pandemic and we were all excited about visiting Las Piñas Parañaque Wetland Park.

Lessons are mostly confined to the classroom. However, exploring our surroundings is a powerful tool to help students to understand the natural world and the local community. Las Piñas Parañaque Wetland Park aims to educate residents of Metro Manila on the value of wetlands to the ecosystems and to science. Importantly, it is a critical habitat area for about 5000 species of birds and provides a habitat for many migratory bird species which devices in the Eastern Asian-Australasian Migratory Flyway.

Grade 10E students carried out field work for coastal environments, investigated population size of organisms in different areas, learnt about microplastics, studied heat transferred by radiation and analysed the pH of water in various areas of the park.

But that is not all!

Recently, we had a very special visit from one of our parents! Mr Hannam was very kind to join one of our science lessons in Grade 10E and explain the brewing process at Crazy Carabao. There is evidence that ancient Babylonians already used microorganisms in the production of beer. Modern biotechnology uses different techniques to produce food and beverages, nonetheless, microorganisms are still the protagonists of the process and, as Mr. Hannam emphasized, enzymes and yeast still need great care and the right conditions to respire anaerobically (fermentation). Real science in real context.

We look forward to many more field trips and visits next school year and wish Grade 10E all the best of luck on their IGCSE exams!


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