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Spooky Fun in Kindergarten

by Antje Regber

On Friday, October 20, 2023, the German kindergarten and preschool children celebrated Halloween together. In the morning, we all gathered to take fantastic pictures and admire each other's creative costumes. After a quick snack to refuel, the fun began. All the children went on a candy hunt throughout the school, knocking on doors and shouting "Trick or Treat." We collected lots of goodies in places like the library, the nurse's office, and other classrooms. But don't worry, dear parents – we only had a little taste, and the rest of the candies were taken home. After this delicious adventure, our spooky program was far from over. Following the "Trick or Treat" tour, we had a fashion show where we could showcase our costumes to the whole school. Everyone cheered and applauded us. We felt like little stars. It was quite exciting. The day was rounded off with Halloween crafts and spooky games. Only the bravest among us dared to reach into the mouth of the hairy monster to feel what it had eaten... luckily, it wasn't our hands. And just like that, this fantastic day came to an end, and we, as princesses, monsters, and superheroes, slowly transformed back into kindergarten and preschool children.


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