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Taking Action - Grade 3i friends raise money for charity

submitted by Viola Buck

It started with the heat.

Tulika, Ayame, Alina and Alisa (all from Grade 3i) realized one day in school that everyone needs to keep hydrated in this heat, and wanted to make sure their friends do so too. Since they were already passionate about helping the children in need and had the interest to learn about business, they came up with a plan -- they were going to sell lemonade in school and give the proceeds to children in need.

The four girlscollaborated on everything from planning and budgeting, to selling and donating. They presented their work to our Head of School, Mr. Frank and Head of Admin, Mr. Ross. Impressed with their work, the girls were immediately given the approval!

On May 12, Thursday from 12noon to 1:00PM, Tulika, Ayame, Alisa, Alina, joined by Mia sold dozens and dozens of glasses of lemonade, cupcakes, patata and coconut biscuits (all items suggested by the students themselves). The proceeds was donated to the kindergarteners of Children of the Dump Manila -- a non-profit organization that provides education to the underprivileged children living in the dumpsite of Manila.

Congratulations on your wit and grit, Grade 3i girls! GESM is proud of you!


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